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The zelda-like RPG you've been waiting for!

Try to get out of tough situations as you rush through rooms, trying to find your way out of the game itself. The game goes on forever, but you can break the loop. Just gotta find out how.

Key features

  • Infinite dungeon floors!
  • Multiple ways to finish the game! (easy mode, and hard mode)
  • Actually get a feeling of being trapped in dungeon
  • Custom composed music
  • (yes there is a boss fight.)

How to play the game:

Arrow keys - move
Z - interact
ALT+F4 - WIN EASY MODE! (you chicken)


My main menu broke.
That's normal. you should've read NPC dialogue.

I'm stuck.
You're trapped? Well isn't that fitting to the theme?

Why is your dialogue so edgy?
Anon, i'm not a writer. First time trying to get lore behind a game


I still want to add a few features.

  • Score. The game is infinite, why not add a leaderboard that shares over the internet, amirite?
  • More content. The game is probably boring after the first playthrough. but hey, it's a one-week rpg. i'm happy.
  • Controller support
  • Deeper story.

Update Log:


Initial release

  • copyright happyveld 2015


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Oh yeah, I felt trapped alright.

Didn't know where to go,

and going down the stairs felt like it wasn't actually taking me anywhere,

that is until I saw the NPCs which was new.

But one of them had a blob in the same room!

Nice music, too.

I had no idea what was going on for most of it, and I was quite confused. I do see potential in the NPC-movement, I had too much fun with that.

The ending was really (SPOILERS), so that might be worth looking into.
I got spooked. Four hearts. Five which I somehow moved around.